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Top 10: Weird Ways We Remember The Titanic

The last known survivor of the RMS Titanic, Millvina Dean, passed away on June 1st 2009, at the age of 97. Dean was only an infant when the steamship on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York hit an iceberg and sunk April 14th, 1912. And 97 years later, Dean’s passing reminds us yet again of the epic disaster that was the Titanic. Here are 10 quite uncommon and slightly offensive remnant artifacts in the memory of the Titanic.

1. Titanic Adventure Slide



Official product description: “Measuring 33 feet in height and 50 feet in length, this awesome slide captures the feeling of the real giant. Adding to the realism of this ride are the famed triple screw propellers and rudder. One could almost believe the ship is sinking! Who will survive the slide down? This dual slide captures all the excitement of the famed ocean liner on itÕs maiden voyage”. 

2. Titanic Skull Money Box

The desire of every six year old kid: a money box in the shape of a skull from a former Titanic sailor? Fitting on any night stand and perfectly politically correct. Hear your coin fall into the hollow cranium of a Titanic crew member. Yes, it was nearly 100 years ago but the question remains how far a joke/cashin should be taken when it’s on the account of such a tradegy like Titanic.
…or maybe just a statue of two skeletons romantically posing on the steamship Titanic 

3. High Definition screening of Titanic – In A Swimming Pool

Alex Zane – host of Sky Movies’ Guest List: “The idea of watching Titanic in totally immersive high definition, in a life jacket, floating in a life boat is about as close to the experience of being on the ship itself as you could or probably would ever want to get. An amazing experience with some real movie fans.” 

4. Titanic Cow by artist Lithium

Located at Plaza de Felipe II, Madrid, Spain the artwork of artist Lithium; Titanic Cow is a part of the exhibition The Cowparade. Though the pupose of the expo seems to be to chock and provoke, maybe Lithium took the task a little bit too serious.  The cow, painted as the Titanic is stuck with her head in an inceberg. Funny, but still not totally ok.

5. Miniature Model of The Titanic Sinking

There seems to be some sort of amusement park in Obereschach, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany consisting of miniature models of historically famous objects, including Alcatraz, Niagara Falls, Khafre’s pyramid and of course the Titanic, in its popular standup sinking position. Sure, the Titanic was a famous catastrophy, but surely too tragic to expose like this. Or?

6. Titanic Aquarium Decoration

Product description: “Precisely detailed to look just like the Titanic”. A bit tasteless to have a miniature model of the Titanic floating around in your aquarium? The matter of the fact is The Titanic is a popular aquarium ornament, sold by many resellers, who seem proud to cash in on the tragedy. Classy!

7.Titanic Ice Cubes

Fred and Friends  has developed the non-tacky product Gin and Titonic ice cubes. Perfect for any happy occassion to spice up the drink presentation. The Titanic shaped ice cubes will effectfully recreate the night when Titanic sank, all in your glass of Gin and Tonic. Though proven not so successful for the ship itself, the Gin and Titanic ice cubes are also great icebreakers.

8. Titanic Song – Movie Theme by Kenny G

The elevator music guy got to make the theme instrumental for the movie Titanic. And though the music isn’t in itself that bad, Celine Dion can sing after all, there is something about the that Kenny G that almost feels mocking. Maybe it’s the curly hair, the sleezy romantic look he puts on, or the fact that he chose to dedicate his life to clarinet. Kenny G bugs me and that is why it is not totally ok to put him to create tunes that we until the end of times will associate with The Titanic. Not cool!

9. Windows XP Titanic

This desktop wallpaper, isn’t as much indecent as it is funny and and entirely accurate. I simply could not help but include this illustration of Windows XP as sure of sinking as the Titanic. Though this example referred to the Titanic disaster, it is infact the only good example that can illustrate the lost cause that XP actually is.

10. Kärschers Immerson Pumps Ad

Finshing off this top 10 list of how modern times remember and honors the Titanic disaster, I have included water pump company Kärschers’, neadless to say, interesting advertisement. It’s clever and smart, and the only provocative aspect is that the ad bases on the fact that everybody knows about The Titanic. Despite that, this ad effectfully concludes this list, as an perfect example of how Titanic is still very much with us almost 100 years later.
If you have any comments, thoughts or more examples of doubtful alludes to The Titanic, make sure to comment below.
This toplist is dedicated to Millvina Dean, who passed away yesterday, the last known survivor of the Titanic capsize on April 14th, 1912.

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